Greenergy offers the following products ready for immediate delivery from our California warehouse

  Solarland SLP Series Solar Panels
Panels ranging from 3W - 140W with some sizes available in 24V.
Scaled light and power supplies for small structures.
Variety of plug & play lighting kits ideal for remote structures and outdoor activities. These kits are proven in remote parts of the world!


Smart Power Manager
We have developed this series of SOLAR POWERBANK kits based upon our extensive knowledge of the requirements for small-scale power systems. These kits are suitable for any climate, any place in the world, and they are simple and convenient to install.



  Powerport - Portable Solar
The popular Powerport kits are available in 10W, 20W, 40W, 90W and 130W. Ideal for RV, Marine, Camping and Disaster Recovery applications.
  Solar Controllers
Wide range of controllers including Solarland SLC series and the full PHOCOS line of solar controllers.
  VLRA Batteries
Full range of battery sizes for all power supply applications
  SLCBL Series PV Cables/Connectors
#10AWG PV cable in various lengths and configurations using MC4 connectors. 14AWG tray cable available for smaller panel applications.
  DC Appliances
Appliances designed for DC power. Ideal for use with the Powerbank kits.
  SLB Series Panel Mounts
Specifically designed to work with the Solarland SLP Series panels we offer several pole, wall, flush and tilt mounts. Stainless steel marine mounts are also available.
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