Solarland SLP Series Solar Panels


The Solarland® family of SLP Series PV modules offers models ranging in size from 3W to 270W.

These A-Grade panels are built using only the highest quality components to ensure the best possible performance, & are designed for use in a wide variety of off-grid & grid-tie applications.

All modules have a power tolerance +10/-5% & are backed by our 10/25 year power warranty.

The high performance cells are encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) & placed between high transparent low iron tempered glass & a durable TPT (tedlar-polyester-tedlar) back sheet. The panels are framed using heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames, providing exceptional panel rigidity.

All modules are produced in ISO9001:2000 certified factories & are subject to our stringent triple-level quality control & testing procedures before they leave the factory floor; …ensuring a high quality & consistent end product. Each panel has a serial number for tracking purposes.


  SLP Series - Multi-Crystalline
  SLP003-06U SLP003-12U
  SLP005-06U SLP005-12U
  SLP010-12U SLP015-12U
  SLP020-12U SLP020-24U
  SLP025-12U SLP030-12U
  SLP030-24U SLP045-12U
  SLP055-12U SLP070-12U
  SLP070-12M SLP080-12U
  SLP085-12U (085011217C) SLP085-12MKCT
  SLP085-12M SLP085-24M
  SLP100-12U (100011206C) SLP110-12U (110011206A)
  SLP120-12U (120011203C) SLP120-24U
  SLP130-12U SLP130-24U
  SLP140-12U SLP180-24 (180012405)
  SLP Series Mono Crystalline
  SLP100S-12 SLP150S-12 (150021208) Indicate Bosch Cells
  SLP150S-12 (150021209)
Indicate Q cell
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